Digital health: an ‘engaged patient’s point of view

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Anna McCollister-Slipp lives with type 1 diabetes.


Her overall opinion regarding the digital health tools she uses to manage her disease?


They’re frustrating.


Anna explains:


“So I have all of this incredible information literally 24/7 – not just from my prescription medical devices – but also from my Fitbit, from a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor, from my digital scale and from a variety of different iPhone apps that are used for nutrition tracking etc.


None of it connects.


They’re all in completely different data streams, and even though each of them provides something that would be an incredibly vital element for me to truly understand how to manage my disease, how to predict when I need to change insulin in response to exercise, or stress, or schedule changes, or whatever the case may be – I can’t get that information all in one place. Even though it’s electronic – even though it’s all downloadable in one form or another – it’s all on different platforms, different computing systems and it doesn’t work together.”


“So it’s incredibly frustrating that we’ve invested so much as a society and as a country and as a patient community and a medical device industry in creating this incredible technology that really does save lives and support lives but we can’t do this one tiny little thing – just to make the data standards consistent – to make them interoperable – to give me the ability to make the decisions that I need to make to manage my disease 24/7″

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