What Happens After a Healthcare Conference?

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Not all healthcare conferences are created equal. Some conferences leave a lasting impact with stories that will stay with you as a fellow human being and insights that will empower you professionally. Other conferences can be just fine, but without anything particularly eventful. Many months later you can clearly remember the impactful moments from the great conferences, while rarely remembering the program of the uneventful. What determines this outcome? Do some conferences just have to be more boring than others, or can the outcome be greatly enhanced by how we design conferences?

Let’s take a look at some data. We previously wrote about how the nature of the healthcare conference audience has evolved over the past couple years. By analyzing the numbers from the over 1,900 healthcare conferences we are tracking, we’ve attempted to evaluate conferences based on what took place during them. But perhaps it’s just as valuable to look at what took place after the conferences. Can the impact of a conference be understood by looking at what happens after the event is over rather than during it?

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